In June 2023, the verification process with the DNV certification body was successfully completed. Consequently, e-matica obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Turin and Agrate offices.

 The standard implements the European guidelines for a quality system that allows the company to improve its overall performance and is the basis for the development initiatives currently underway.

This was the first step of a strategic path that will bring important benefits to e-matica, in particular:

  • the ability to regularly supply products and services that meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements
  • facilitate opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction
  • address risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives

The certification confirms the commitment to satisfy the customer’s needs and expectations, in relation to “Design, development and integration of: software solutions for the management and use of process data, proprietary and patented products, industrial IT consultancy services – Hosting of infrastructures in SaaS mode – Assistance – Design and delivery of training courses.”

A few months earlier, in January 2023, the ISO/IEC 27001 Certification was achieved for Turin and Agrate offices. The certifying body in this case was DNV as well. The ISO/IEC 27001 Certification establishes the standard and guidelines for the correct management of information security.

Information protection consists in ensuring, through the controlled management of company processes, the desired levels of:

  • Confidentiality: ensure that information is accessible only to those who are authorized to access it;
  • Integrity: safeguard the accuracy and completeness of the information;
  • Availability: ensure that authorized users have access to information and associated resources when required;
  • Protection: protection techniques against computer fraud.

The certification certifies and confirms the commitment and attention to information security that all e-matica group confer in the phases of “Design, development and assistance of software solutions and IT consulting services for the management of real-time process data, development and integration of software and systems.”

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