AVEVA\OSIsoft PI System software

e-matica is AVEVA\OSIsoft Select Partner and it has a twenty years experience on PI System software, the industrial standard to manage data and events in real time. In detail:

  • server components and archive management tools
  • modeling components (MDB/ Asset Framework®)
  • calculation and development components (PI PE/ PI Advanced Computing Engine®/ Asset Analytics®)
  • client components (PI ProcessBook®, PI DataLink®) at advanced level
  • interfaces (OPC DA, RDBMS, UFL, PI to PI, EMDVB, PIBaGen, etc.)
  • web components (SharePoint, PI WebParts®, PI Vision®)
  • development of custom symbols and custom tools for PI Vision®
  • Event Frames®
  • RtReports® (Editor e Generator) – in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures)


e-matica has a ten years experience in software analysis and development with Microsoft products and platforms:

  • projects in different industry sectors with client-server technology and Web Application (WPF, WCF, HTML5, ASP.net)
  • Angular framework
  • development environment Visual Studio, VB.net
  • MS SharePoint Enterprise platform
  • suite MS SQL Server Enterprise, MS Reporting Services, Integration Services, MS Power BI
  • development of Web, Web Part, Web Services applications
  • DB MS SQL Server


  • Experience and certified education on Matrikon connectivity products (OPC Server, OPC Client, OPC Data Manager, OPC Tunneller, OPC Redundancy Broker, OPC for DDE, OPC for @aglance, etc…)
  • deep knowledge of OPC DA/HDA protocol
  • deep knowledge of DCOM security
  • development of custom interfaces from/to OPC DA/HDA
  • knowledge Modbus protocols and development of conversion interfaces
  • development of interfaces via ODBC, OLEDB, XML, Web Services
  • deep knowledge of conncetivity to DCS/Scada/PLC (Siemens, ABB, DeltaV, Foxboro, Wonderware, GE Intellution iFix)
  • twenty years experience in different OSIsoft interfaces (with failover)


  • Development and integration of GIS systems
  • 3D realtime cartographic visualization desktop/web/mobile
  • 3D realtime photorealistic visualization for every platform: desktop, web, mobile, embedded
  • VR, AR systems
  • Near real time ray-tracing/path tracing
  • Writing of shader custom GLSL, HLSL, Cg
  • Shader for sensor simulation
  • HMI project and realization
  • CBT
  • Serious Games
  • 3D polygonal modeling
  • Systems to support design/style

Simulation/Parallel computing

  • Computing Shaders
  • GPGPU development on OpenCL, CUDA platforms
  • Discreet and stochastic simulation systems
  • Distributed calculation engines
  • High resiliency and very low latency based on models of autonomous management and supervision actors

Automatic vision systems

  • Realtime image analysis
  • Optical Flow
  • Objects/pattern recognition
  • Vision and automatic analysis systems for aesthetic defects
  • Real time data fusion
  • Projection and measurement systems to support the production


  • Embedded PC
  • communication driver to automation systems
  • remote I/O
  • IoT
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