e-matica Ireland

E-matica, a leading company in the field of digital solutions, enthusiastically announces the opening of a new commercial office in Ireland, thus solidifying its international presence. This significant move reflects E-matica’s consistent growth and commitment to meeting the needs of customers globally.

The new office, strategically located in Ireland, will be led by Mr. Abu Salam, appointed as the branch’s leader. With his extensive experience in the industry and proven managerial skills, Mr. Salam will be responsible for successfully guiding and managing commercial operations, contributing to the sustainable growth of E-matica in this dynamic market.

E-matica’s CEO, Fabio Villa, stated, “We are excited to expand our presence in Ireland, and we are confident that Mr. Abu Salam’s leadership will be crucial to the success of our branch. We will continue to provide innovative solutions and uphold our commitment to excellence in digital services and real-time process data management.”

The opening of the Ireland office represents a significant step for E-matica in pursuing its mission to deliver turnkey solutions utilizing the latest IIoT technologies and industrial-level Cloud and Mobile applications. This involves supporting our clients in enhancing the life cycle of assets and operational and decision-making processes by offering consultancy, integration, software configuration and development services, data visualization and analysis, as well as validation and evolutionary maintenance of systems.

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