Digital Twin: the virtual view about the reality of data

AVT is the Virtual Replication solution able to provide the complete updated and geo-referenced representation of your business assets. It allows you to spatially map each type of system and simulate the most important aspects of the operation of individual equipment.

Aggregate and organize all information and digital content that are important for the management, maintenance and training of your systems.

Unique features

Web application, does not require client installation, compatible with desktops and tablets.

2D, 3D, Video and Photo 180/360 ° visualization

Ruler function for simple measurements

METAVERSE ready! Compatible with Oculus/HTC

Sharing simulated scenarios for training or remote assistance

Time navigation of simulated scenarios and recorded videos

Hypertextual search of contents

Automated system for the execution of operating procedures

Native integration with AVEVA OSIsoft PI System / AF for real time data management and integration of PIVision dashboards

Platform that can be integrated with third-party systems through REST interface

It can be integrated with video camera systems and network video recorders for navigating images over time

Real-time text and audio messaging system

Internal workfow system selectable by choice

Representing the complexity

AVT allows you to define your system visually and to map it in the space in a geo-referenced way (outdoor and indoor). Once this mapping has been created, you can use it to place all the information and content you think are useful. Do not define everything for to start using it, it is an incremental system and it can grow over the time with your needs through a simple and clear web user interface

For each room, asset or system, you can choose different types of different views according to your needs:
  • 360° Panoramic Photographs
  • Live video 180°, 360°
  • 2D/3D models
  • Virtual reality
Parts of the system can be represented in “as is” mode, through the collection of panoramic photographs or the streaming of video cameras. If you prefer, through the use of animated 3D graphics, it is possible to view all the hidden operating components in the state they are in at a given moment by using the simulation functionality.

Simulate reality

Each graphic element in the AVT window is alive and animated by real time data coming from the environment.
This information wealth deriving from hundreds of thousands of data sources is collected and organized by the database component of the system.
The AVT simulator applies the emulation logics and communicates with all client instances the behavior of each single element that is to be represented.
Thanks to the availability of real time data on a historical basis, it is possible to simulate the state of the assets at the current time or at a certain time in the past.
Each simulation can be individual or shared virtually between two or more participants connected through web browsers or virtual reality helmets.

Data in hand

Through the AVT UI it is possible to access all the digital information relating to the assets that are mapped in the system.

Documentary contents

Interactive P&ID enriched with real time data



Operating Procedures

Real time data visualization

Born to integrate and to be integrated

Being AVT an open platform it is possible to integrate external third-party systems in a very simple way both for multimedia contents and for data and metadata.

It is a complete and ready-to-use product but thanks to its open nature and system APIs, in the event of specific requests, our team is able to extend the features available to meet any data management or display need. AVT is based on a complete internal workflow system for the orchestration of data and asset states. Through a real-time communication bus it allows the transport of information, messages and events. The 3D visualization interfaces are equipped with special adapters which, by using this communication bus, make it possible to centrally control the entire simulation.

The user can take advantage of this system to integrate external simulators or calculation engines, making it possible to have a more accurate simulation that can be integrated with external logics and systems.
AVT’s native workflow systems are Node RED and Apache NiFi

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