Seeq Advanced Analytics Solutions

Seeq® is an advanced analytics solution for process manufacturing data

With Seeq applications, you and your team can rapidly investigate and share insights from operations and manufacturing data sources to improve production outcomes.  AVEVA\OSIsoft PI, Honeywell PHD, GE Proficy, and other historians, as well as relational data from SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL may be easily integrated to find insights that enable continuous improvement in production yield, quality, availability and other KPIs.

Organizations benefit from using Seeq’s solutions to quickly find insights in production data and share them among teams, operations, and other key roles. Seeq enables engineers and subject matter experts (SME) to get more value from data already collected and enables organizations to rapidly access and execute on those insights.

Process manufacturing customers rely on Seeq to improve yields, margins, product quality, asset availability, and safety metrics.  In addition, Seeq supports key “IIoT” scenarios such as “Connected Products” and “Smart Manufacturing” for remote monitoring and predictive analytics in several industrial markets.

Enabling Data-led Decision Making

Seeq enables the rapid creation and sharing of insights in organizations of any size to drive improvements in production and business outcomes. This is achieved by unlocking the expertise of engineers and employees and by breaking down data silos. Seeq provides features to support organizational learning and access to insights improving:

  • Productivity: Seeq is a self- service solution for engineers that leverages data science and machine learning innovations to enable features that accelerate time to insight
  • Knowledge Capture: Engineers using Seeq Workbench can capture their work and thought processes in Journals, to enable colleagues to leverage their analytics efforts
  • Document Management: Seeq applications (Workbooks and Topics) may be shared among employees and sites to document existing analyses and best practices
  • Real-time collaboration: Seeq is a web-based application and enables two or more users to collaborate on the same Seeq document simultaneously
  • Publishing: Analyses created in Workbench may be quickly assembled for distribution as PDF files, web pages, and dashboards so employees across the organization can benefit from Seeq insights

Seeq Workbench™

Workbench is Seeq’s application for engineers engaged in diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analytics with time process manufacturing data. It includes features to expedite the full arc of the analytics process, from connecting to historians to data cleansing, visualization, modeling, and calculations.

Seeq Organizer™

Organizer is Seeq’s application for engineers and managers to assemble and distribute Seeq analyses as reports, dashboards, and web pages. Organizer “Topics” may include text, images, scorecard items, visualizations generated in Seeq Workbench (charts, scatter plot, tree map, etc) and other content.

Seeq LiveDocs™

Seeq LiveDocs bring near real-time updates to Seeq Organizer Topics. The live updates may be driven by a scheduler or important events such as production completion or a predicted equipment failure. Key capabilities include:

  • LiveDocs are ideal for wall boards where many personnel need to view current analytics
  • Display updating metrics such as total energy consumption or productivity during a shift, day, or events such as batch completion
  • Easily view previous month to current month metrics
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