Ansaldo Energia Implements Predictive Maintenance with the OSIsoft PI System

Ansaldo Energia is a 160-year old company headquartered in Genoa, Italy and a leading producer of thermoelectric power generation plants with a primary focus around plant engineering, manufacturing, and service. The company has over 100 power plants and 300 gas turbines around the world and provides remote monitoring services for 19 customers in 13 countries.

At the 2016 AVEVA\OSIsoft EMEA Users Conference, Sandro Gollini, a Diagnostic System Engineer at Ansaldo Energia, and Giuseppe di Bartolo, owner of TQService [now merged with e-matica], discussed how Ansaldo Energia is leveraging the PI System for remote asset monitoring to decrease downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve service for customers.

Mobile Real-Time Asset Monitoring

Based on the PI System infrastructure used in the last decade, A2A implements a complete Hydro Portal to provide all the necessary data, KPI and alert to the Hydro plant key personnel and to the business personnel.

The Hydro Plant portal is a complex infrastructure based on all the AVEVA\OSIsoft server components like PI Tags that collect data from fields using standard interfaces (OPC, 104 RTU Connector, PI RELDB), AF Models, AF Analytics, AF Event Frames, PI Notifications, complex calculation, PI Datalink Reporting and web reporting to provide right information to the right people the A2A Hydro Plant Portal is completely based on PI Vision using standard AVEVA\OSIsoft widget and enhanced the GUI with custom widget to support TreeView and drilldown navigation, manual data entry to generate manual or automatic events, recalculating AF Analysis after manual data entry change, gantt chart aggregation for plant and so.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Smart Engineer

Ansaldo Energia teamed up with AVEVA\OSIsoft partner TQService [now merged with e-matica] to explore 3D asset modeling and global mapping of power generation sites.  With these visualizations, engineers will be able to troubleshoot faster by freely manipulating and rotating images of the asset to quickly identify vibration and temperature variations.  An intuitive way to navigate around the globe will allow them to get a bird’s eye view (a very high-flying bird!) to quickly check on key stats and events that may impact their end customers.  All of this was achieved with an extensibility model that is available as a community technology preview (CTP) with the latest version of PI Coresight [now PI Vision].

Global Remote Monitoring System for Ansaldo Energia Generation Fleet

Ansaldo Energia is Italy’s largest supplier, installer and service provider for power generation plants and components. By leveraging AVEVA\OSIsoft PI connectivity, standardization and integration capabilities, Ansaldo implemented a highly available, performing and fully integrated platform, merging the existing technology with Ansaldo expertise in CBM and predictive maintenance, and finally provide displays, trends and KPIs to the Ansaldo engineering users via PI Vision, as well as a range of value-added services to its own final users.

The core of the customer support services is named IPS Center (Integrated Plant Support) for the Remote Monitoring and diagnostic activities (RM&D). The IPS Center is completely based with a large and distributed AVEVA\OSIsoft infrastructure around the world to collect and centralize real-time data (PI Data Archive), model all the real-time in specific context (PI-AF), providing a common and easy portal to visualize and share data.

AVEVA\OSIsoft PI System as real-time engine for ShipView platform

Shipview is Fincantieri standard platform for vessels crew familiarization and training – by embedding AVEVA\OSIsoft PI System, ShipView amplified its value with real-time data management, providing additional functionalities for situational awareness and digital equipment simulation.

The future Integrated Factory: Data Validation, Data Integrity and Reporting with the PI System

Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) is a global company with 3 business units and almost 100,000 employees. The Siena and Rosia (SI), Italy, sites cover the entire vaccine vital cycle. Complex and siloed plants within the sites make it difficult to aggregate and contextualize data for thorough analyses.

The implementation of a centralized data collection system and the supply of visualizations, consumable both centrally and on the go, provide now a trustable, unique version of the truth where data is globally gathered and accessible, for real-time trending, dashboarding, official GMP reporting, OEE analyses and KPIs review.

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