Code of Ethics


The activity carried out by E-MATICA is based on the following ethical principles: legality, correctness and honesty, transparency, loyalty, efficiency, confidentiality, protection of transparency in commercial transactions, anti-corruption, professional enhancement, collaboration among colleagues and respect for human dignity, free competition, health and safety at work, environmental respect. These principles influence the actions of all recipients of the provisions of the Code.


Recipients of this Code are required to:
  • comply with the laws and regulations in force in the countries in which they operate, as well as internal company regulations;
  • diligently acquire the necessary knowledge of the legal norms applicable to the performance of their functions;
  • each employee is also required to observe, in addition to the general principles of diligence and loyalty as provided for in Articles 2104 and 2105 of the civil code, the behavioral prescriptions contained in the applicable National Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Correctness and Honesty

The principle of correctness and honesty is a fundamental value in organizational management and implies respect for the rights of all parties involved in the Company’s activities. Every action carried out by the Recipients must be consistent with the mission and protection of the Company, according to national laws, general principles, regulations, and internal procedures. Recipients, regardless of the nature and duration of the employment contract, are required in business dealings with third parties to behave ethically and respectfully of the law, with maximum transparency, correctness, and efficiency. Recipients must be aware of the ethical significance of their actions and must not pursue personal or corporate gain in violation of applicable laws or the rules of this Code. The pursuit of E-MATICA’s interest can never justify conduct contrary to the principles of correctness and honesty.

Professional enhancement, collaboration among colleagues, and respect for human dignity

Human resources constitute the primary and fundamental factor for the development and growth of business activities, and on this premise, the Company safeguards and promotes professional growth to increase the wealth of skills possessed. Behaviors among employees, at all levels and degrees of responsibility, are constantly and mutually aimed at facilitating the best possible performance. E-MATICA respects the fundamental rights of individuals by safeguarding their moral integrity and ensuring equal opportunities. In both internal and external relations, behaviors that have a discriminatory content based on political and union opinions, religion, race, nationality, age, sex, sexual orientation, health status, or any intimate characteristic of the human person are not permitted.


The principle of transparency requires and imposes that every corporate act or communication be characterized by truthfulness, clarity, completeness, uniformity, and timeliness. Adherence to this principle implies a commitment to provide the necessary information, both externally and internally within the Company, in a clear and complete manner, adopting communication methods, verbal or written, that are easily and immediately understandable. Transparency also means ensuring the reconstruction, through procedures and written acts or documentary support, of the phases and controls that led to decision-making or the dissemination of information or the execution of operations. In information provided to customers and in the formulation of contracts, the Company adopts a style that is clear, understandable, and not misleading. E-MATICA considers the transparency of financial statements and accounting fundamental for the exercise of its activity and for the protection of its reputation.


In dealings with third parties, the Company commits to acting in a correct and honest manner, avoiding providing misleading information or engaging in behaviors that unfairly exploit others’ positions of weakness or lack of knowledge. E-MATICA, in its pursuit of maximizing its economic results, is committed to establishing proper commercial relationships with third parties, fostering long-term relationships with clients and suppliers, and providing appropriate recognition for the contributions of its collaborators. All relationships must be characterized by utmost loyalty, which entails fidelity to commitments, acting with a sense of responsibility, avoiding conflicts of interest, and valuing and safeguarding the company’s assets. Complete good faith must be applied in every activity or decision undertaken. In cases of violation, the Company will take all appropriate measures to cease the conflict of interest, reserving the right to act in its own protection.


The principle of efficiency requires that the highest professional quality be placed in each work activity according to the most advanced standards of each sector and profile of activity. In the provision and delivery of services, the commitment must always be to offer a product suitable for customer needs and to guarantee the highest standards of cost-effectiveness in the management of resources employed.

Protection of transparency in commercial transactions (anti-money laundering)

E-MATICA adopts maximum transparency as a principle in commercial transactions and implements appropriate tools to combat the phenomena of money laundering and fencing. Respect for the principles of correctness, transparency, and good faith in dealings with all contractual counterparts must be guaranteed.


E-MATICA commits to respecting anti-corruption laws in the countries where it operates. The Company condemns all practices of corruption, illegitimate favors, collusive behaviors, and direct and/or indirect solicitations of personal advantages. No form of offering or promising money, goods, or future benefits (e.g., services or favors) of any nature to or from third parties (with particular reference to Italian and foreign public officials, their relatives, and affiliates) is permitted, which could be interpreted, even indirectly, as exceeding the normal courtesies allowed in commercial practice or aiming to obtain favorable treatment in business conduct.


E-MATICA aims to develop the value of competition by operating according to principles of fairness, fair competition, and transparency towards all operators present in the market, always ensuring the maintenance of equitable conditions. In particular, E-MATICA commits to ensuring compliance with competition and antitrust laws that prohibit agreements aimed at obtaining or favoring a dominant position in the market. The Company also does not tolerate any behavior intended to deceive or mislead the person to whom it is directed, resulting in personal gain, and any suspicion in this regard should be promptly reported.

Health and safety at work

E-MATICA is committed to protecting the health and safety of individuals in the workplace, broadly understood, by favoring low-impact work methods (smart work). E-MATICA undertakes to establish and maintain safe and healthy working environments in compliance with current occupational health and safety regulations, as well as to promote and consolidate a culture of Safety and Health at Work by developing awareness of risks and promoting responsible behavior by all collaborators. To this end, E-MATICA implements technical and organizational interventions specific to health and safety at work. All employees, collaborators, and third parties are required to scrupulously respect all measures required by E-MATICA’s internal procedures and regulations on Health and Safety at Work. In particular, each individual is required to report observations regarding malfunctions or possible improvements to their immediate superior.

Environmental protection

All activities of E-MATICA must be carried out in accordance with environmental regulations. E-MATICA recognizes the fundamental importance of environmental protection and pursues a path of continuous improvement in environmental quality and management.


The addressees ensure the maximum confidentiality of information acquired during activities carried out on behalf of the Company, including information regarding clients, suppliers, employees’ personal data, and stakeholders. The addressees are required to handle company data and information exclusively within the scope and for the purposes of their work activities and, in any case, not to disclose (communicate, disseminate, or publish in any way) sensitive information without the explicit consent of the parties concerned, nor confidential information without the authorization of the Company, as well as to comply with the regulations and provisions applied to respect Legislative Decree no. 196/03 (Personal Data Protection Code) and European Regulation 2016/679.

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