Policy for the diversity, equity and inclusion


e-matica acknowledges that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential for business success and innovation. We are committed to building a culture that celebrates differences and promotes an inclusive and respectful work environment, where every individual has the opportunity to excel.

Vision and Goals

Our vision is to be a leader in our industry regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating an environment where:
  • Diversity is seen as a vital asset for innovation and growth.
  • Equity is ensured in all business practices, from hiring to career progression.
  • Inclusion is experienced daily, allowing everyone to feel valued and heard.

Management Commitment

The Management of e-matica is committed to:
  • Allocating sufficient financial and human resources for DEI initiatives.
  • Being role models in adopting inclusive behaviors.
  • Regularly monitoring progress through specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for DEI.

Employee Responsibilities

Every e-matica employee must:
  • Actively engage with DEI and apply its principles to their role.
  • Foster an atmosphere of respect and mutual understanding.
  • Contribute ideas and feedback to continuously improve our DEI practices.

Strategies and Initiatives

  1. Hiring and Recruitment: Use diverse recruitment panels, inclusive job postings, and partnerships with organizations that promote diversity.
  2. Training and Development: Implement DEI training for all new hires at e-matica and periodic training for current employees. Develop personalized career paths that consider diverse needs and aspirations.
  3. Health and Well-being: Create support programs that specifically address the mental, physical, and social health needs of e-matica employees from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Feedback and Assessment: Implement a 360-degree feedback system that includes specific evaluations on employee commitment to DEI.

Reporting Procedures

e-matica provides anonymous and non-anonymous reporting channels, managed by a DEI team or an impartial third party. Ensure that each report is followed by a thorough investigation and, if necessary, corrective actions. Reports of any non-compliance with the DEI policy can be reported anonymously by regular mail or in written, non-anonymous form, by addressing the email: dei@e-matica.it

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Establish specific KPIs to measure progress in terms of demographic diversity, equity in career progression, and the sentiment of inclusion within e-matica.
  • Review and update the DEI policy annually to reflect internal changes and industry best practices.

External Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Collaborate with external organizations, schools, universities, and NGOs that work to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in communities and relevant sectors.
  • Support initiatives and events that promote DEI outside of e-matica’s corporate environment, extending the impact of our actions into the broader society.

Digital Inclusion

  • Ensure that all e-matica’s digital technologies and platforms are accessible and inclusive, allowing people with disabilities to use them without barriers.
  • Train e-matica employees on the importance of digital accessibility and how to create inclusive content and tools.

Ongoing Commitment and Communication

  • Maintain an open and ongoing dialogue on DEI issues within e-matica, encouraging employees to share their experiences and ideas for improvement.
  • Transparently communicate e-matica’s DEI efforts and successes both internally and externally, through reports, newsletters, and social channels.


e-matica commits to making diversity, equity, and inclusion central pillars of our corporate culture. This policy represents a living commitment that evolves in response to our learnings and the changing world around us. We encourage every member of our team to contribute to this journey, recognizing that together we can build a truly inclusive and equitable work environment for everyone.

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